Infinity Pin

Infinity Pin

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Wear Jason's logo on your lapel, backpack, flair vest, or anywhere else your creative mind can imagine! 


Definition. Infinity- repeating or continuing through space & time with no resolution or end. 


   The most noticeable shape within the pin is the figure-eight infinity symbol. Sometimes referred to as the lemniscate, the mathematical symbol is used to represent a 'potential infinity' rather than to represent an actually infinite quantity. 


Initials- Look a little closer and you will notice the letters J for Jason and A for Andrews within the infinity symbol.  


Evolution-  The original logo was commissioned in 2013 for a theatrical production titled “Jason Andrews: Timeless Magic.” It represents the past, the present, and the future!


    Metallic pin with squeeze-back to keep it in place. 


    If pin is damaged during shipping please let us know immediately. Returns accepted up to 7 days after delivery. 


    Please allow 3 days for processing.